Monday, July 26, 2021

Future Ahead...

 Welcome to Tuesday 4 in memory of Toni Taddeo.

This week we have some questions from Pamela Steiner once again.

I hope you enjoy them.

1.  Let's pretend that it is 50 years into the future, and explorers have just discovered your house, "frozen in time" exactly as it is today. Everything is preserved, even the food, but of course no one has lived there for fifty years.  What do you think would be their first reaction as they walk in the door of your house?
2.  What would the things left in your house tell the explorers about you?
3.  What kinds of books would they discover on your bookshelves or beside your chair/bed?
4.  What things would they discover in your closets or cabinets that would make them wonder why on earth you were saving it?

Thanks  Pam for more great questions!


  1. Thank you Annie! I hope people will enjoy this one! I'm a little early because I'll be gone tomorrow, but will check back tomorrow night.