Sunday, February 16, 2020

Toiletries and Cosmetics Tuesday 4 # 7

Welcome to Tuesday 4 which was started  by Toni Taddeo and kept up in memory and honor of her.
How about talking about cosmetics and toiletries this week?
Let's jump right in, shall we?

1. What brand of shampoo do you think works best for you and what does it do for you?

2. Do you have a favorite  brand and shade of lipstick and blush?

3. Is soap your favorite for face washing or do you use other products?

4. Do you have an all time favorite perfume or scent that you wear? If you don't wear perfumes, is there a scent that you love in general?

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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Reading is Fundamental Tuesday Four #6

Welcome to Tuesday 4, begun by Toni Taddeo and kept going in her memory.
This week is about reading, or TV or movies if you are not a real reader.
 Let's jump right in:

1.  Do you have some favorite books to share?(if you don't read, how about favorite TV programs or movies?)

2.  When looking for  a book(or program) what things do you look for?

3.  Does the cover of a book make a difference or help you choose?(or do trailers help you decide on a TV or movie program?)

4.  What is your favorite genre of book, TV or movie? That is, is it science fiction, romance, mystery, true story, biography?  

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Home Work #5

Welcome to another Tuesday 4 invented by Toni Taddeo and kept in memory of her.    Keeping a home is what this week's 'home work' is all about.  It can be fun and rewarding and an outlet for your creativity.                  
1.  Are you an impulse  buyer or do you weigh the value/cost/ necessity before you buy?

2. What do you really resent having to pay for?

3.   Do you have  favorite brands of household cleaners, detergents, soaps? Can you tell us why you like them? Maybe you will give us better ideas.

4.  What is a typical day of housekeeping for you?
Please try to visit the link up to see who participated and then visit their blogs. This is a great way to make new friends and frankly, it makes people feel good to know their efforts aren't in vain  See you next week and if you have any ideas about subjects you'd like to see  let us know in comments!