Saturday, July 11, 2020

Cozy Moments

Welcome to Tuesday 4 in honor and memory of  our friend, Toni Taddeo.
 We offer you 4 questions each week to provide you with some blogging material and to help you get to know other bloggers.
I hope you'll join us each Tuesday.

Cozy moments

1. How would you describe a perfect evening at home?

2. Have you had a perfect evening lately? How did it go ?

3. Do you watch TV every night or have a set time to view TV?
What programs do you watch or do you listen to music?

4. Are cozy evenings different in Fall/Winter than in Spring/Summer?

 Thanks for coming over. Hope to see you again. If you have questions or topics you'd like to see let me know in comments.

Monday, July 6, 2020


Welcome to Tuesday 4 in memory and honor of Toni Taddeo who began it a few years ago.
I am so happy you are joining in.

Today's topic is Housekeeping

1. What do you  consider the most important job or chore to do in housekeeping?

2.  Do dishes ever sit over night in your sink?

3. Is being a stay at home mom a real career ?

4. Can you share favorite brands of dish soap, cleaners, detergents or perhaps a tip on making house keeping easier? Thank you for your participation!

Friday, June 26, 2020

The Fourth of July

Welcome to Tuesday 4 in memory and honor of our friend Toni Taddeo.
This week, let's talk about the Fourth of July.

1. Do you think the 4th is an important holiday?Why , why not?
2. How do you celebrate? If you are not American, do you celebrate your nation's national holiday?
3. In the time of Laura Ingals Wilder,  all Americans read the Declaration of Independence every year on the 4th and lemonade was a big treat for the town picnic.
 Do you read the Declaration of Independence? Or, your nations important papers?
  How about lemonade? Are you a fan?
4. Picnic, eat inside the house or eat out for the 4th?