Sunday, April 18, 2021

Your Town

 Welcome to Tuesday 4 begun by Toni Taddeo and continued in her honor.

Let's talk about your town this week!

1. Do you like your town? Is it a city, town ? Can you describe it for us?

2. Are there any special points of interest in your town?

3.Does your town have parks, restaurants?

4. Do you think your town needs changes to make it better and if so what changes would you make?


  1. Hello from My Town! Kind of got off to a late start, but here it is. Thank you, Annie, for doing this for us!! Have a wonderful day in YOUR TOWN!

  2. My current town is Oklahoma City, OK. Big enough to have interesting activities, live theater, live music, interesting dining, etc. Not too big that we have awful traffic or other big city issues.

  3. Great post. My town is Melville,La . Very small and rural. Check out my town pictures.

  4. I decided to join in as well.