Sunday, January 17, 2021


 Hello and welcome to Tuesday 4 where we honor the memory of our friend Toni Taddeo by continuing her 4 questions each week meme!  It is wonderful that so many are joining in and I do hope more will come as well. Toni would love that.

Let's talk about work!

1. What kind of work does not bother you at all?

2. What kinds of work do bother you and why?

3. Is there a job you've had you loathed or  perhaps one you loved? Why was that?

4. Do you have a job or kind of work you wish you were doing? What would make it attractive to you?

Thank you so much for joining in, I do appreciate your efforts to make this a success.

1 comment:

  1. Good Morning...this was a little bit of "work" to put together, but it was fun remembering and I am thankful I am not having to "work" anymore! have a blessed day!