Sunday, February 5, 2023

The Internet Age

 Welcome weather weary friends to another episode of Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 where we challenge you to answer 4 questions on different subjects each week.

Maybe we could talk about the internet this week?  

It's all I could come up with as my mind is on hiatus right now.

1. When did the  home internet age enter your life? How much impact has it had?

2. How powerful an influence if your phone?  For instance, do you feel guilty not answering when you are busy? Do you text back immediately? Does the phone own you? Do you friends feel they should be able to monopolize your time by demanding to know where you were when you didn't answer?  Is it intrusive or welcome?

3. What places do you frequent on the net and by phone or PC etc.?  (pc.. personal computer , laptop, etc.)

4.   Wikipedia is editable and biased  because anyone can edit the articles. Algorithms also determine what you can and cannot find on the interest.     So, how much stock do you place in it's information? 


  1. Good Morning Annie! This comment is brought to you via the internet, without which we would never have known each other! So it does serve a good purpose!!


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