Sunday, December 5, 2021

Reading & Watching

 Welcome to Tuesday 4 published each week in memory of our dear friend Toni Taddeo, it's author.

This week the topic will be  Books and Movies. 

1. Is there a hero or character on TV, in a book or a movie .. or even on all three, that you are especially like? What do you find attractive about them?

2.  Was there a book that was better in movie form? How about a movie you thought didn't live up to the book?

3. When you choose a book, program or movie which subject it is most likely to be: science fiction, mystery, romance, comedy, documentary, etc.?     What draws you to a particular book or movie?

4. How important is the title or picture on the cover of a book?   How much importance do you place on a movie because of the actors who are in it?

Thank you so much for joining in with us. I hope we will see you each week and I also hope you will send your ideas for questions and topics. You can post them here in messages if you like or reach me on Facebook or on my Cottage by the Sea blog.

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