Monday, May 3, 2021

Occupational Info

 Welcome to Tuesday 4.. late as usual but the home situation has been very busy and iffy lately, so I am sorry it is late going up today.

Let's talk about your job/former job

1. What kinds of jobs have you had in life? Enjoy or not?

2.What duties did you perform on your job.. give us a job description if you please.

3. What training is required to do your type of job (and even a checker in a supermarket needs certain skills such as working well with people and being a bit technical.)

4.Is there a dream job you'd like to have or would have loved to have? Tell us about it, won't you?


  1. Families can be that way but you have another great subject up for Tuesday.

  2. Hope you are doing okay, Annie. I am sorry you are going through so much. I didn't write a real Tuesday 4 post, but linked to one from the past that is very similar. I hope that's okay. I'm taking the easy way out today.

  3. Annie, I am praying for things to get better thank you for the fun hop