Sunday, December 6, 2020

Gift of the Magi

 Welcome to Tuesday 4 kept up in honor and memory of Toni Taddeo.

Let's talk about gifts this week.

1. Whether it's Christmas, Chanukah or a birthday party nice gifts can be hard to pick out.  Is there a safe go to gift you think will fit anyone? 

2. Is wrapping a gift a necessary part of the excitement of giving and receiving?

3. What gifts given to you did you love the most?

4. In the O. Henry book The Gift of the Magi, a man sells his pocket watch to buy some beautiful hair  combs  for his wife's long hair  but she has sold her hair to buy him a platinum pocket watch chain.

Have you ever saved long and hard to buy someone a special gift? Would you be okay with a holiday that  didn't include gifts? Would friends and family understand?

If you've not read the works of O. Henry, I encourage you to give them a read. You will not be disappointed in any of his stories!


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